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Christie Projector Edge Blending and Image Warping
Show multiple, edge-blended images and create warped displays, quickly and easily, on any projection surface.

When done well, a single display using multiple projectors produces large, bright, high-resolution images. Done poorly, the display from multiple projectors will show a visible band where the projected images overlap.

Edge-blending technology solves that problem. The video signal from one projector is gradually faded out through the banded zone, while the adjacent projection or channel is faded up. The appearance of banding is eliminated and a single image is created across the screen.

What can blending and warping solutions offer?

Christie’s edge blending and image warping solutions

Christie AutoStack or Christie Twist can precisely control multiple, edge-blended images and warp displays on almost any projection surface – quickly and easily. AutoStack Premium lets you project onto curved or cylindrical screens and portrait orientation displays.