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Christie CP4220
22,000 Lumen 4K 3DLP Digital Cinema Projector for Screens Up to 70 Feet

Christie CP4220

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Christie Digital Cinema Projectors
Christie CP4220 22,000 Lumen 4K 3DLP Digital Cinema Projector for Screens Up to 70 Feet
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4K+4 Christie AdvantageThe World's First Superior 4K DLP Cinema Projector

The Christie CP4220 DLP digital cinema projector is one of the newest additions to the Christie Solaria Series. It is the first cinema projector of its kind to provide the Christie 4K+4 advantage.

As the pioneer of digital projection technology for cinema, with more digital cinema solutions deployed worldwide than any other manufacturer, it’s only fitting that we’re the first to offer digital cinema solutions based on 4K, Series 2 DLP technology from Texas Instruments. The newest additions to the Christie Solaria Series provide the only solution built with the Christie 4K+4 advantage. Coupled with the Christie IMB-S2, the Christie Solaria Series is the most reliable, cost-effective 4K DLP Cinema solution available today.

The Christie CP4200 platform is the only 4K DLP solution able to provide the world’s most brilliant 3D images, the highest level of content security, the easiest adaptability, operation and maintenance. Fully DCI compliant, and built on our extensive cinema experience Christie’s 4K solution incorporates the proven design concepts of the best selling Christie CP2200 platform. The Christie Solaria Series is ready for the next evolution of digital cinema; capable of displaying premium 4K content or 2D/3D 2K High Frame Rate (HFR) feature films and alternative content in its original format.

Give your audiences the best visual experience possible every time with the Christie Solaria Series.


  • Present 3D and alternative content at its best! Use Brilliant3D technology for high performance 3D with no need for re-sizing or scaling of content.
  • Align pixels perfectly for optimal image quality.
  • Streamline time consuming maintenance procedures.
  • Be the brightest and outperform your competition while saving on costs. Only Christie offers the most enhanced 4K experience for the lowest cost of DLP operation.

For easy integration into any environment, Christie’s full range of digital cinema accessories includes the Christie Integrated Media Block (IMBS2), the Christie Cine-IPM 2K for alternative content, the Christie SKA-3D for economical Audio/Video processing, the Christie ACT automation control system, and a full suite of lenses and lamps.


  CP4220 (129-001102-01) CP4230 (129-002103-01)
  • CDXL-20 (003-000598-XX)
  • CDXL-30 (003-000599-XX)
  • CDXL-30SD (003-001165-XX)
  • CDXL-20 (003-000598-XX)
  • CDXL-30 (003-000599-XX)
  • CDXL-45 (003-000600-XX)
  • CDXL-60 (003-000601-XX)
Nominal ~22,000 lumens 34,000 lumens
Screen Size <70' maximum screen size1 >105' maximum screen size1
Display Technology
  • Supported Frame Rates
  • 2D 2K content up to 120 fps
  • 3D 2K content up to 60 fps/eye2
Contrast Ratio ~2100:1 full field on/off ~2100:1 full field on/off
Digital Micromirror Device
  • 1.4 Enhanced 4K, 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema
  • 4096 x 2160 pixels
Number of Colors 35.2 trillion
  • 1.26x Anamorphic Lens 38-809054-XX
  • Wide Converter Lens 108-281101-XX
  • Use of the Anamorphic or Wide Converter Lens requires the MALM 108-111102-XX
Power Requirements
Input Line Voltage Single phase 220V 3 phase 208/400V
Power Supply 3.3kW low-ripple switch mode lamp power supply 7kW low-ripple switch mode lamp power supply
Size (LxWxH) 52.7 x 25.6 x 19" (1,339 x 650 x 483mm)
Weight As installed: 256lbs max (116kg) As installed: 245lbs max (111kg)
Lamp power supply: 70lbs max (32kg)
  • Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB) 108-384107-01
  • Nema-L6 30A 250V male PWR plug w/1.5m cord 116-102104-01
  • Power distribution unit 208V/120V 111-277001-01
  • Variable aperture kits 38-813028-51
  • Rack mount stand 108-416102-01
  • Inline 120V duct fan, 600-CFM 700120-074
  • Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB) 108-384107-01
  • Lamp power supply cable kit 7.5m 127-103105-01
  • Lamp power supply cable kit 15m 127-103116-01
  • Lamp power supply cable kit 30m 127-103127-01
  • Rack mount stand 108-416102-01
  • Inline 120V duct fan, 600-CFM 700120-074
  • 3 years on the projector
  • Contact an authorized Christie representative for full details of our limited warranty

1 Maximum screen size depends upon various factors such as screen gain, lamp age, geometry, etc. Consult your Christie representative for detailed analysis. Measured at screen center.
2 To learn more about high frame rates and the next evolution of digital cinema display see Christie's High Frame Rate technology overview.


High Front

High Right High Left Low Right Low Left
Low Front

Input Panel Light LED Touchscreen Side Vent

Xenolite Lamps (CDXL):

Designed to Deliver Long-Lasting Brilliance

Christie Xenolite lamps are designed specifically for Solaria Series digital cinema projectors, setting new levels of performance for digital cinema technology. Choices in brightness and power levels offer flexibility for a variety of screen sizes for new and existing theater infrastructures.

Christie's Superior Performance Xenolite lamp series uses the latest in Xenon lamp technology to provide increased brightness, improved stability and a longer life span. This increased brightness offers more captivating 2D and 3D experiences, without a cost to overall lamp performance. In fact, our Superior Performance (SP) Xenolite lamps are not only brighter, they last 30% longer than comparable Xenon lamps while still offering the same extraordinary 99.999% in-theater uptime. This means the show will not only go on, but it will go on brighter and with a lower total cost of ownership, increasing your theater's overall profitability.

The Benefits of Christie Superior Performance Xenolite Lamps

More usable hours per dollar

  • Longer warranties allow you to safely get more use out of each lamp
  • Fewer lamp replacements equals lower cost of operation and less maintenance required

More lumens per dollar

  • Less brightness drop-off for more available brightness
  • Less power required thanks to less brightness drop-off
  • Less power required equals lower energy costs and lower cost of operation

More stable brightness and reliability

  • New lamp technology provides better arc stability and ignition performance
  • Improved performance with the same 99.999% in-theater uptime reliability

Superior Performance Xenolite lamps – Brightness maintenance

Christie's Superior Performance Xenolite lamp series provides increased brightness and 30% longer life than comparable Xenon lamps.
Christie's Superior Performance Xenolite lamp series provides increased brightness and 30% longer life than comparable Xenon lamps.

Christie CP2220 and Christie CP4220

Consistent quality, 99.999% proven uptime, longer lamp life and lower operating costs make Christie Xenolite lamps and Solaria Series projectors a winning combination.


Christie CP2230 and Christie CP4230

Christie Xenolite lamps can produce remarkable brightness and color consistency with excellent resistance to flicker, ignition difficulty and explosion. With this superior performance comes great return on investment.


Part Number 003-005079-01 003-000598-02 003-004251-01 003-000599-02 003-004252-01 003-001165-01 003-000600-03 003-004253-02 003-000601-03 003-004254-02
Operational Details3
Estimated Average Expected Life (hrs) 3500 hrs 3500 hrs 4000 hrs 2500 hrs 2800 hrs 15003 hrs 1200 hrs 1500 hrs 900 hrs 1100 hrs
Warranty 100% warranty to 2400 hrs 100% warranty to 2400 hrs 100% warranty to 3200 hrs 100% warranty to 1500 hrs 100% warranty to 1900 hrs 100% warranty to 1000 hrs 100% warranty to 1000 hrs 100% warranty to 1300 hrs 100% warranty to 600 hrs 100% warranty to 800 hrs
Maximum Lumen Output4 7000/8000 lumens (CP2220, CP4220/ CP2230, CP4230) 9000/10,000 lumens (CP2220, CP4220/CP2230, CP4230) 16,000/19,000 lumens (CP2220, CP4220/CP2230, CP4230) 22,000 lumens (CP2220/ CP4220) 24,000/26,000 lumens (CP2230/CP4230) 32,000/34,000 lumens (CP2230/CP4230)
Projector Air Extraction Requirement 450 CFM 450 CFM 450 CFM 450 CFM 450 CFM 450 CFM5 600 CFM 600 CFM 600 CFM 600 CFM
Compatibility CP2220
Technical Data
Rated Input Power 2000W 2000W 2000W 3000W 3000W 3000W 4500W 4500W 6000W 6000W
Rated Current 80A 80A 80A 110A 110A 100A 145A 145A 155A 155A
Operating Wattage Range 1400-2000W 1400-2000W 1400-2000W 2100-3000W 2100-3000W 2100-3000W 3150-4500W 3150-4500W 4200-6000W 4200-6000W
Rated Voltage 25V 25V 25V 27V 27V 30V 31.5V 31.5V 39V 39V
Horizontal ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º ±5º
Base Surface Temperature 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max 200ºC max

1 Cost efficient
2 By following Christie's Best Practices for Lamp Usage on pages 7-8 of this brochure, you can find out how to select the ideal lamp size to meet your projector and screen requirements
3 1500 hours when operated in a CP2220, CP4220 or CP2000-ZX
4 Color corrected/center lumens
5 Exhaust extraction is optional. Extraction with the optional extraction duct requires 450 CFM

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate the amount of light required

The basic formula to calculate this theoretical light requirement is:

  1. Lumens (L) = Average Screen Brightness desired (average fL) X Screen Area (sq ft)
    • Given a good light distribution, the "Average Screen Brightness" can be estimated by multiplying the center brightness desired by 0.95. Generally accepted practice for the target center brightness is: 14fL for 2D and 4.5fL for 3D (light measurement taken through 3D glasses).
  2. After you have the "Lumens" number you would divide it by all significant system efficiencies. Some examples would be:
    • Screen gain: 1.0 to 2.4. Silver screens are 2.4. This is a very important part of this equation and care should be taken to make sure this number is accurate. If the screen in question is not new then the overall gain should be measured properly. Any degradation or debris on the screen will reduce the screen gain.
    • Port window efficiency: 96% efficiency is typical for good port glass
    • Loss due to color correction required for meeting DCI color specifications: 97% efficiency is typical
    • 3D system light efficiency: this number can be anywhere from 10% to 30% efficiency depending on the 3D system used
    • Other effects like down angle and screen curve do make a difference for light distribution, but they only affect these calculations if they are excessive
  3. Calculation: Lumens Required (L) = Lumens (L) / (Screen Gain X Port Window Efficiency X Color Correction Efficiency X 3D Efficiency)
  4. The resulting "Lumens Required" number you get would be the "MINIMUM lumen requirement" to meet the desired light levels.

How to select the right projector/lamp combination that will provide enough light to satisfy screen brightness requirements

There should be enough brightness available even at the end of the lamp's life to meet your specified center brightness requirement. Your company's lamp changing policy may need to be reviewed to make this decision.

  1. There is a natural brightness drop-off that occurs with any Xenon lamp during its life. This brightness curve is typically sharp at the beginning of the lamp's life and drops slower after this initial period. Leaving the lamp at 100% power throughout its life would give this typical brightness curve:

    Xenon lamp Chart

  2. This initial drop-off in brightness is mainly due to the reshaping of the electrodes inside the lamp. The arc between the electrodes inside the lamp will move slightly during this period. Re-aligning the lamp often can minimize this dropoff. This re-alignment should be done at least every time the equipment is serviced. The more frequently this is done, the more light efficiency can be preserved.
  3. 100% rated brightness would indicate the use of a new lamp running at 100% power.
  4. It is NOT recommended to run a lamp in this way. If this is done then the brightness level will not be maintained for very long and the lamp life will be reduced.
  5. This chart describes the recommended operation of any Xenon lamp.

  6. Understanding this brightness curve will help when deciding which projector and lamp to use. It is important to select a lamp that can produce the required brightness at the end of its life. Here is how this is estimated:
    • Select a lamp for an example from pages 5-6 of this brochure and reduce its maximum lumen value by about 25% as a starting point. This would be an estimate of the brightness that the lamp can achieve at/or near the END of its life at the stated warranty. For higher wattage lamps this value would be more like 30% or 35%. If you intend on running the lamp longer than the stated warranty then you would increase this percentage. Call this resulting lumen value the "maximum aged brightness."
    • Take the "minimum lumens required" number and select the lamp/projector combination that can cover this with its "maximum aged brightness" value. It is best to be conservative with this selection to make sure the required brightness can be reached.

How to preserve lamp life with the proper projector operating environment

Proper operating environment conditions will preserve lamp life.

  1. Room temperature: Comfortable room temperature is usually acceptable between 50°F and 95°F (10-35°C).
  2. Room humidity (non condensing): 20% to 80%.
  3. External exhaust extraction: Use pages 5-6 of this brochure to find the proper air flow in CFM that is required:
    • Make sure this air flow is maintained anytime the projector is on. Add this measurement to all routine service visits.
    • Make sure that the air duct system has a damper feature which closes off to the outside air when the system is powered down. This will prevent dirty moist air from being pulled back down into the projector when the system is off.

How to ensure proper lamp house electrical connections to the lamp

Xenon lamps operate at very high current or amperage levels. Because of this, any electrical connections are very critical. When installing a lamp, make sure these connections are tight and secure.

  1. loose or bad connection can cause the connector to burn which in turn will either break the electrical connection or overheat the end of the lamp causing the seal inside the lamp end to fail. This will result in a lamp that will not ignite.
  2. Do not use any connectors that are discolored or burnt. Replace any discolored connectors before installing a new lamp.
  3. Inspect both end connectors for discoloration at every routine service visit.
  4. Lamps exhibiting burnt or discolored ends are not covered under warranty.

How to determine average expected life

On pages 5-6 of this brochure, you will find an "Estimated average expected life" number for each lamp/projector combination.

  1. This number is a guideline to help you determine how long a particular lamp can be operated under optimal conditions as described here.
  2. If the operating situation is not optimal then a shorter lamp life can be expected.
  3. Non-optimal conditions would include:
    • Starting the lamp out near or above 100% power and running it this way throughout its life
    • Not providing adequate air extraction
    • Poor operating environment
    • Changing the power level drastically up and then back to accommodate two different light level requirements such as 2D then 3D

Christie Xenolite Lamp Champion Warranty

Christie Xenolite lamps are of very high quality and any failure is unlikely. If a lamp has failed for some reason then a service technician should check the system and operating practices to make sure that the lamp is being used properly. All Christie Xenolite lamps are covered under the Christie Xenolite Lamp Champion Warranty against any manufacturer defects. The period of time is based on the warranty hours of operation given on pages 5-6 of this brochure and a period of two years from invoice date whichever comes first.

  1. If a warranty claim is required then prompt action must be taken. A "Xenolite Lamp Warranty Claim Form" must be filled out completely and submitted, following the instructions on the form. These forms are in the lamp box or they can be obtained by contacting the Christie office located in your region. Please see contact information on the back of this brochure.
  2. If the request is unusual and it is suspected that the lamp did not cause the failure, Christie will contact the person making the claim to verify the operating conditions. This is to help prevent repeat failures caused by something other than the lamp.


Download the Christie CP4220/CP4230 Projector Data Sheet (PDF)


Christie Products
Christie Digital Cinema Projectors
Christie CP4220 22,000 Lumen 4K 3DLP Digital Cinema Projector for Screens Up to 70 Feet
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