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Christie Pandoras Box and Christie projectors help Vinilo Lab to create a unique experience for Axe in Colombia
Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 02:44:32 PM


BOGOTA - (June 27, 2017) - Christie Pandoras Box continues to demonstrate why it is the benchmark control system for the most complex multimedia shows staged around the world. On this occasion, the solution was used in Bogota by Vinilo Lab to control the mapping and laser show for the launch in Colombia of the new AXE Black Night male fragrance.

The event, titled Fiesta Axe, was attended by 1500 guests invited to a nightclub to enjoy an unexpected night, in line with the brands slogan for its new product. Guests were treated to a fantastic night of music and visual delights, with a projection mapping and laser-light show that became the most talked-event of the evening.

The Pramo agency was commissioned to organize the event, while Vinilo Lab orchestrated the projection mapping content and its rendition via video and laser technology.

The mapping, comprising bright, colorful graphics and special effects, effortlessly choreographed, was projected over the stage front, measuring 24 meters wide by 7 meters high, as well as over a large-scale facsimile of the new product measuring 6 meters tall and 5 meters wide.

The projectors used were three Christie Roadster HD20K-J with 3DLP technology, 20,000 lumens and Full HD resolution. Two of the three were used to project onto the stage front and the third was used to light the product facsimile in the centre of the stage.

Christie Pandoras Box was employed to control the blending and warping for the projections, as well as to synchronize the laser show and the two Haser smoke machines. For overall content management, Vinilo Lab used Pandoras Box Manager, Pandoras Box Server Quad and Pandoras Box Widget Designer.

The different surfaces for screening the projections coupled with the varying sizes and formats adopted to each medium added to the complexity of the enterprise. But the proven versatility of Pandoras Box meant that everything ran smoothly without the slightest hiccup: We love Pandoras Box because it is so adaptable and reliable, and we can always scale it to the clients requirements, noted Eduardo Ortega, CEO of Vinilo Lab.

Specializing in the conceptualization of emerging technologies and the development of digital content, Vinilo Lab has plenty of experience using Pandoras Box in all kinds of multimedia shows. It offers incredible creativity for multimedia design and has no technical limitations in the overall synchronization of the most varied elements involved in live productions, added Ortega.

Ortega also underscored the role of the Roadster HD20K-J projectors: Their performance was flawless. Despite the fact that there was a lot of light on the stage, the image was always optimum. It was a long day, both for the exhaustive checks followed by the actual evening itself, but the projectors proved their stability, sturdiness and brightness all night long, without the slightest drawback.

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